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Wine and pleasure

Wine and pleasure are known to go hand in hand, and this is of course also the case on the Moselle. The typical regional specialties with the matching Moselle wine form the perfect combination. The wine trade in Traben-Trarbach goes back to a rich history of about 2,000 years, to the Romans and then to the Middle Ages. Around 1900, Traben-Trarbach was one of the most important wine trading towns in the world with over 100 wineries and merchants. From here, wine was shipped all over the world, and the work of the Schröter played a major role. This tradition is still kept alive today during the annual Jacob’s Day in Traben-Trarbach. The wealth of the wine merchants also gave the town its architectural face, which is still preserved today, with numerous Art Nouveau villas and extensive cellar complexes, which can still be visited today as part of guided tours and at the Moselle Wine Night Market in Traben-Trarbach.

The steep vineyards, which visually rise directly from the Moselle, fascinate with their sight, as do the terraced vineyards. To be considered a Steillage, a vineyard must have at least a 30% slope. The most famous grape variety in the region is the Riesling, also called the “queen of the white grape”. At home in the region is the “Kröver Nacktarsch”, which now enjoys great worldwide fame and popularity. To experience the region’s excellent Moselle wine up close, there are numerous opportunities such as:. Wine tastings directly on the winegrowers’ farms, in the winery or during a guided tour of the underworld, as well as covered wagon rides through the vineyards, which are especially recommended for socializing. Sparkling wine and schnapps are also often produced in parallel with wine, and you can learn more about this during guided tours of sparkling wine as well as schnapps tastings. In Enkirch, guests can actively participate in helping the winemaker with his work on the farm and receive a Wingertsdiplom at the end of his work.

Around the year, the winegrowers have numerous opportunities to present their wines, for example, on the Open Wine Cellar Day, which takes place in almost every town. In addition, young wine tastings take place, there are various wine walks such as:. The culinary Wingertsbummel or the Schlurpstour. The Fedwerweißerfest in autumn is a special highlight and forms in many places the conclusion of the wine festivals, together with the delicious onion tart in any case a culinary pleasure moment. The cuisine typical of the Moselle is just as varied as the gastronomic establishments in the Moselle region of Traben-Trarbach. Depending on your tastes, you can find everything from rustic wine taverns with home-style cooking to top gastronomic establishments with Michelin-starred cuisine. The typical Moselle winegrower’s dish “Gräwes” consists mainly of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut with onions. Today it is often served with smoked pork loin, pike-perch or liver and blood sausage. Other regional specialties are the “Kröver Nacktarschtorte”, consisting of apples and of course the quality wine Kröver Nacktarsch, as well as “Speckkuchen”, Winzerbrot, “Schoales” or “Debbekoche”, which consists mainly of potatoes and bacon, to name just a few delicacies. For guests who are interested in the recipes in more detail, cooking classes are held regularly, with themed evenings for Moselle cuisine. Regional and seasonal cuisine, which has won several awards, can also be found in the region. Not only good middle-class cuisine but also houses steeped in history can be found, for example, in Traben-Trarbach or in Burg.

Upcoming Events

26.07.2024  —  29.07.2024

Jakobstag – guild wine festival of the Stadtschröter

Place: Traben-Trarbach

For the definition of “Schröter” ->

The Zunft der Stadtschröter Traben-Trarbach is a traditional association in traditional costume with the aim of cultivating and preserving traditional Moselle customs. This includes, among other things, the preservation and organisation of the centuries-old, four-day Jakobstag, the only guild wine festival in Germany, and participation in events at home and abroad that serve to promote customs and promote the guild, homeland and wine.

On the annual Jakobstag, the festival in honour of St. James, the patron saint of the town’s winegrowers, the crowning of the town wine queen of Traben-Trarbach takes place under the watchful eye of the coronation council, who represents the guild, the town of Traben-Trarbach and the local Moselle wine for the duration of one year, both internally and externally.

3.08.2024  —  3.08.2024

Culinary stroll through the vineyards

Starting point: to follow – Location: Reil

Enjoy the beautiful Moselle region on a short trip. The Traben-Trarbach Kröv Moselle region’s Culinary Vineyard Stroll invites you to enjoy wine, pleasure and hiking on 3 August. Breathtaking views, the best Moselle wines and Moselle conviviality await you.

On an approx. 6 km long route through the vineyards, you can get to know our local winegrowers at various stands with small delicacies and, of course, our famous Moselle wine.

Pre-registration including contact details is required at the event.
Reservations can be made directly online at or by e-mail:

Event tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

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9.08.2024  —  11.08.2024

Wine by the river

Place: Reil

Note: On 10.08.2024 we present you the band “Klangbild”

9.08.2024  —  11.08.2024

“Fun in Kröver Alleys – the somewhat different vineyard stroll”

Place: Kröv

As an alternative to the well-known street festival “Spass auf der Gass”, Kröv once again invites you to “Fun in Kröver Alleys – the somewhat different vineyard stroll” this year.

Numerous wineries offer their wines and small dishes in the courtyard, cellar, barn or vinotheque and the catering trade also serves culinary delicacies.

13.09.2024  —  15.09.2024

Wine Festival in Autumn

Place: Enkirch

Under the motto: Wine Festival in Autumn, the Enkirch festival community is organising a cosy wine festival from Friday, 13 to Sunday, 15 September 2024 a cosy wine festival on the Brunnenplatz Enkirch.

27.09.2024  —  28.09.2024

Grape harvest festival

Place: Wine fountain hall, Kröv

The grape harvest festival stands for excellent wines from the Kröv winegrowers as well as live music and a great atmosphere in the Weinbrunnenhalle Kröv.

4.10.2024  —  6.10.2024

Wine festival on the occasion of the St. Remigius fair – October market

– Friday to Sunday: October market on the banks of the Moselle
– Wine bar
– Saturday and Sunday afternoon: coffee, waffles and cake
– Music and dancing in the Weinbrunnenhalle

Subject to change

11.10.2024  —  12.10.2024

Federweißerfest (new wine)

Place: Kröv

Dance and live music in the Weinbrunnenhalle

18.10.2024  —  19.10.2024

Kröv Nacktarsch Festival

Place: Kröv

The Kröv Tennis Club invites you to the popular Nacktarsch festival in the “Kröver Nacktarsch” wine fountain hall. It starts on Friday and Saturday at 6 pm.

Celebrate with us with music, dancing and selected wines from Kröver winegrowers. Admission is free on both days.

26.10.2024  —  26.10.2024

Autumn wine festival to close the season

22.11.2024  —  1.01.2025

Moselle Wine Christmas Market 2024/25

Location: Traben-Trarbach

International and national artisans and exhibitors will be presenting high-quality decorative items, gift ideas, culinary specialities, wine and wellness products, antiques and creative fashion and jewellery designs in a Christmas atmosphere in various cellars from 22 November 2024 to 1 January 2025 at weekends and on special opening days.

This underground Christmas market, the only one of its kind to date, is all about wine, indulgence and culture and not only invites visitors to linger in a cosy atmosphere and enjoy Christmas fun underground. The varied supporting programme with cultural, traditional and musical highlights and the events around the ice skating rink also put guests in the Christmas spirit outside the Traben-Trarbach underground world.

Introducing the Moselle Region Traben-Trarbach Kröv

The Moselle region of Traben-Trarbach Kröv, with the town of Traben-Trarbach, five Moselle communities, three Hunsrück communities and seven Eifel communities, lies at the centre of the Middle Moselle in Rhineland-Palatinate. The landscape is characterised by the wine-growing landscape with its steep vineyards, some of which are world-famous.

The Moselle runs through the valley in narrow loops, separating and connecting the scenic Eifel and Hunsrück regions at the same time.

Traben-Trarbach is best known for its extraordinary Art Nouveau buildings. The extensive underground wine cellars, which can still be visited today, also bear witness to the flourishing times of the wine trade in the last century. Somewhat away from the town centre is the Moselle’s only thermal spa with healing waters containing thorium.

In the surrounding villages, lovingly preserved half-timbered houses can be visited and the wine culture of the region can be experienced.

Viticulture is omnipresent throughout the region. The region produces top wines every year in many world-famous vineyard sites. The mild climate and the friable, grey-blue clay slate, which is particularly good at storing the sun’s heat, give the Riesling in particular its famous ethereal florality. Wine experiences such as wagon rides, vineyard walks and wine tastings are offered by local winegrowers in every village.

Throughout the region, typical regional specialities such as “Speckkuchen”, “Weingräwes” or “Nacktarschtorte” can be enjoyed at regional hosts, Straußwirtschaften and top restaurateurs.

Walkers close to the banks of the Moselle or demanding hikers who enjoy the breathtaking views of the Moselle valley and the surrounding vineyards after climbing the metres in altitude will get their money’s worth in the region. Sports enthusiasts with two wheels will also always find a suitable route for mountain bikers and touring cyclists as well as e-bikers.

The Moselle region of Traben-Trarbach Kröv can also be excellently explored on the water by canoe, boat or ship, or from the air from the local airfield.

You can experience Moselle traditions at many cosy wine and street festivals. The Kröver Trachtentreffen, one of the oldest wine festivals in the Middle Moselle, and the underground Christmas market in Traben-Trarbach are crowd pullers for guests.

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