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Tomas Voltz has written/published more than a dozen books, the last ones also as an app and internet presence (which during their 15 years of existence contributed to a major change in the Swiss medical market).

Having moved from Switzerland to Spain in 1998, «one day, driving through the Penedés region and discovering so many amazing wineries I had never heard of, I researched and found out, that international tourists had almost no way to find information about most of these wineries and how to visit them. Especially the smaller and medium sized ones. The same was true for most other areas of wine production in Spain. After further research and an extensive survey among 250 wineries in Catalunya, I started to develop Wine.Pop which lists more than 3.000 wineries globally.

While WinePop itself is currently undergoing a major overhaul, I discovered that there is another important factor missing for a rich experience for wine lovers: An international guide to hundreds of wonderful wine cities all over Europe, big and small, which have a rich cultural heritage. Visiting wineries is not enough, you just have to experience the surrounding culture, the nature, the history, the people, their culinary specialities, their festivities and more. Visiting the villages and cities associated with the wineries can be an amazingly enjoyable experience, yes even an adventure. And so we are now presenting WineCities and invite wine travellers to join our community, share their experiences of their travels, ask others questions, find new friends and enrich each others lives as lovers of wine and its fine culture.»
Sinisa Curavic is our passionate wine lover, life lover and in-house expert in wine tourism.He is a member of the facebook #winelover community and the Swedish wine club Munskänkarna with 28.000 members worldwide. In 2012 he formed the Barcelona chapter and he is now educator for the chapter, with its 27 members.

In October 2015 he took part in the Swedish championship in Spanish wine knowledge, finishing second.Sinisa was educated by the regulatory body of the prestigious Priorat wine region, for tour guides of the Priorat/Catalunya/Spain.

Wine tours arranged by Sinisa through his company Sweateasy over the past 11 years include all the winemaking regions of Spain, but also the Douro region of Portugal, the south of France and Croatia. Working for and consulting wineries he exhibited on many of the international wine fairs and arranged local wine fairs.

Before his life as a wine tourism specialist, Sinisa had a career in the hotel industry, such as Director of Operations and Project manager for the opening of the Doubletree by Hilton in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Rudloe Hall in England. His experience encompasses all front and back of house aspects of running a property, including complimentary revenue streams such as restaurants and spas.
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